Olympic Swimmer Anthony Ervin On Giving Away his Gold Medal, Jack White and World Travel

Every once in a while an athlete comes along that destroys the preconceived notions of how we expect athletes to think and act. Anthony Ervin is one of them.  An Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer, Ervin once held the world record in the 50 freestyle and is also a former World Champion in the 100 freestyle. But his life outside the pool is just as interesting as his life in it. We sat down with Ervin for a quick conversation that touched on a little bit of everything. Check out Ervin’s Rhapsody playlist here and make sure to follow him @AnthonyErvin.

You auctioned off the gold medal you won in Sydney in the 50-free to help victims of the Tsunami in 2004 . That’s simply awesome.  Do you know who bought it or where it is?

Yes, I do.  Anthony Chua, a very big swim fan from the Phillipines bought the medal.

We have your playlist, clearly music plays a role in your life. What was the first album you connected with?

Tough question!  For years I was stealing my older brother’s albums and listening to them when he wasn’t home: Pixies (Bossanova), Red Hot Chili Peppers (Mother’s Milk), The Smiths and various other Brit-rock bands.  They were an immense influence on me.  The first album I ever owned was The Crow soundtrack, closely followed by Pearl Jam’s ‘Ten.’   However, when I acquired ‘Siamese Dream’ by The Smashing Pumpkins, a self-reflective musical identity began taking shape.

First Show/ Best show?

The first show I cared about came pretty late in my life.  I think it was 2002 when I saw Zwan at the Warfield theatre in San Francisco.  I wanted to because I had been a Smashing Pumpkin fan forever, but never actually got to see them live.  At the show, I encountered much more than I’d bargained for; and for the first time I felt the power of a live rock show as the music was not just heard but felt, roaring through the earth into my feet, up into my heart then head and continuing up and beyond.  I was irrevocably changed by that show.

The best show was seeing the White Stripes at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley.  Seeing Jack White rock out on a menagerie of instruments, flowing from one to another, an indomitable force of rock’n’roll intensity. That was inspiring.

I’ve since been to many great shows, but these two shows have demystified the rest.

Swimming has taken you all over the world, any places or cultures that you’ve particularly enjoyed?

True, swimming has taken me all over the world, but by far the best part of globe-trotting is seeing the international friends I’ve made who once lived in the USA and have since returned to their origins.  These friends make the place.  In a cultural sense, since I studied English as an undergraduate, I’ve always enjoyed being in London.  As well, I’ve always had a fondness for Japanese history and culture – roots that took hold, I believe, with imported cartoons when I was a child – so I’ve always relished opportunities to go to and return to Tokyo, Japan.  I really hope Tokyo wins the bid for the 2020 Olympic Games!

You’re standing on the podium in Sydney for the medal ceremony, but the sound guy had a few too many Fosters and can’t find the Star Bangled Banner – In its stead, what song would you have them play and why?

Shit question!  I’d start belting it myself!

Anthony.Ervin.by.Lewis-13-Edit-(ZF-0118-61352-1-001) (1)You stopped swimming competitively in 2003 and started again in 2011, qualifying for the 2012 games in the 50 free. That’s quite a layoff, how did you find “it” again? Or did “it” find you? 

I enjoy the dual-phrasing of that question, and I can say it’s both. For a variety of reasons I stopped swimming, though the one to mention here is that I’d lost the passion. When I lived in NYC I worked as a swim instructor for the Imagine School of Swimming, teaching kids to swim. I saw these kids evolve from, at times, an absolute fear of the water to instead, pure play. This brought back to me the joy in swimming, something I had long ago forgotten through all the years of hunger in competition and sacrifice for that end. I decided to return to university in Berkeley, Ca to finish my bachelor’s and then went straight into a Master’s program where I found myself back in the water just for the enjoyment.

What was the biggest change from 2003 to 2011?

How the maturity and advancement of my own mind made my work ethic, attitude, and purpose in swimming completely different from how I remember being.  When younger this immaturity, without necessarily realizing it, also contributed to my being somewhat conservative, not necessarily from zealous belief, but from a sheltered lack of experience.  During my time away from the sport my passion was music and I evolved a liberal open-mindedness to others and the world, a re-coloring of how I view the swimming world as well.  One of many gifts music and the pursuit of being an artist has given me.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, we’ll certainly be rooting for you. What’s up next for Anthony Ervin? (feel free to answer the third person)

No problem!  For now, Anthony will continue swimming, working at getting stronger, faster, and becoming one with the water.

Rocking While Rolling: Rhapsody Coming to BMW Apps

Today, Rhapsody and BMW are announcing a partnership that will pair the premium on-demand music service with one of the world’s premium automotive brands. Rhapsody will soon be available on BMW apps.

BMW Apps Rhapsody

 The Rhapsody iPhone app will be fully integrated into the BMW Apps system, meaning users will be able to not only use the vehicle controls to find and listen to their favorite tracks, but also navigate Rhapsody’s music discovery tools, which have been adapted for an in-car experience that’s safe, useful and engaging.

For a full press release, click here

Rhapsody Set to Rock Austin with Performances from the Walkmen, Foxygen, inc., In the Valley Below, NOBUNNY and DJ sets by True Panther

Rhapsody today announced the lineup for its Rhapsody Rocks Austin (RRA) unofficial SXSW day party, with live sets from some of this year’s most talked-about artists. The Walkmen, making their only appearance during SXSW week, will headline fresh off a North American tour that made them one of the most talked about acts of the last year. Rhapsody will rock Austin at the Club DeVille on March 15—doors open at noon.

RRAThe Walkmen are joined in the RRA lineup by Foxygen, the LA-bred song writing duo of Sam France and Jonathan Rado, who create a sometimes impressionistic, sometimes-hyper-real portrait of sounds from specific places and times that never comes across as anything but absolutely modern. Their albums have accurately been described as “Love letters to vinyl collections.” Rhapsody Rocks Austin will also feature inc., In The Valley Below, NOBUNNY, and DJ sets by True Panther.

“Seven albums in, the Walkmen are among the elder statesmen of indie rock,” said Garrett Kamps, senior director, content programming, Rhapsody.  “We fully expect them to show these young whipper-snappers how its done, which will be no small feat as our line-up of whipper-snappers rules: Foxygen, inc., In the Valley Below, NOBUNNY, DJ True Panther — I just grew chest hair saying all those band names one after the other.”

 Rhapsody Rocks Austin

Who: The Walkmen, Foxygen, inc., In The Valley Below, NOBUNNY, plus DJ sets by DJ True Panther

What: Rhapsody Rocks Austin 2013

Where: @ Club Deville, 900 Red River, Austin

When: Doors at12:00 noon.

How: Event is free, but you need to RSVP here. Check out Rhapsody’s facebook page and @Rhapsody on Twitter for details

It’s All About the Music (and the Money)

Separate from the concert event, Rhapsody will also be hosting a panel on a topic near and dear to many SXSW attendees and performers – streaming music and artist reimbursement. Titled ‘Streaming Music: A River of Cash or up the Creek,’ the panel will bring together perspectives from all sides of the issue to examine what roles streaming music services can play for artists today and in the future. Additional information about the panel available here, but make plans to be at the Austin Convention Center, room 18d at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 15. It promises to be an honest and sober(ish) discussion on a very important topic.

Panel- Streaming Music: A River of Cash or up the Creek

Who: Simon Wheeler, Dir. of Digital, Beggars Group

Richard Jones, Owner, Key Music Management Ltd.

Jon Maples, product and design, Rhapsody

Emily White, Co-Founder, Whitesmith Entertainment/ Readymade Records

What: Panel discussion examining the value to be derived from streaming music services

Where: Austin Convention Center, room 18D (500 E Cesar Chavez St)

When: 5:00 – 6:00pm Friday, March 15

How: Credentials with access: music badge, platinum badge, artist wristband

Rhapsody’s Windows Phone app gets an offline facelift…and more!


Windows phone owners rejoice!  We’ve been working on some improvements and added features to give you an even better music experience while you’re on the go. If you have a Windows phone download the app (or update) today.

Offline Playback

Taking your music with you got a whole lot easier.  Now you can download albums, songs and playlists to your phone and listen even when you don’t have a connection. Your next commute, plane trip or subway ride just got a bit more melodic.

Music Library

We revamped your music library (My Music) so you can easily add or remove tracks and albums, and even add music while it’s playing. You’ll find the same collection of music in your library whether you are accessing on the web, on a home audio device or your Windows phone.


We also added in better functionality to genres, so you can explore those in depth with stations, new releases and top tracks.

Plus there are some behind the scenes improvements you may notice with search, enhanced visual display of Rhapsody radio stations and more album images.

We also want to thank all our beta testers who provided some fantastic feedback while playing with the new app. They were excited and impressed, so we hope you are too.

Rhapsody Launches Music Apps Strategy with Rhapsody SongMatch for Android

The on-demand music service is developing a suite of apps to make music discovery more fun and convenient


SEATTLE—December 5, 2012—Rhapsody kicked off its mobile utility apps strategy today with the launch of Rhapsody SongMatch™, a new free application that allows music listeners to discover music with one click.  Rhapsody SongMatch ™ uses your phone to listen to the song that is currently playing – in the background, on the TV, in the car, café or wherever – and identifies the artist, song name and album for music fans to match, store and share.

Free to download and use for anyone, Rhapsody subscribers can also listen and download full tracks of matched songs or dive deep into the album, artist catalog or discover similar artists. For convenience, all matched songs are automatically stored and saved as a playlist for future access.  Non-subscribers can also start a hassle-free Rhapsody trial.

“Our customers are music lovers who tell us they use a variety of mobile apps to solve their listening needs and discover new music,” said Paul Springer, senior vice president, worldwide product and design, Rhapsody.  “But they get frustrated with advertisements and the lack of full playback. We built Rhapsody SongMatch to seamlessly integrate with our core experience to connect the fun and convenience of mobile apps with full on-demand playback for both subscribers and new customers.”


The company is working on additional purpose-built music apps that are free and complementary to Rhapsody’s premium on-demand music service.

“SongMatch is a great way to introduce new music fans to Rhapsody,” said Springer. “We’ll continue to focus on using over a decade’s worth of experience to solve customer challenges in discovering and playing the right music, right now.“

Rhapsody teamed with the metadata mavens at Gracenote to power the music recognition feature of SongMatch. The Gracenote technology works by “listening” to a few seconds of a song and matching it to its unique audio fingerprint in the Gracenote database.  It takes only a few moments for the Gracenote technology to recognize the artist, track and album, letting Rhapsody subscribers to quickly add music to their library and playlists.

Rhapsody SongMatch is available on Android with other platforms launching in the future. It is available in the Google Play Android store or Amazon App Store.  For more information, visit http://www.rhapsody.com/songmatch.

About Rhapsody

The Rhapsody® digital music service (www.rhapsody.com) gives subscribers unlimited on-demand access to more than 16 million songs, whether they’re listening on a PC, laptop, Internet connected home stereo or TV, MP3 player or mobile phone. Rhapsody allows subscribers to access their music through mobile phones from Verizon Wireless and MetroPCS, through Rhapsody applications on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, RIM BlackBerry,

Windows Phone 7 and Android mobile platforms as well as through devices from Vizio, SanDisk, HP, Sonos and Philips.  Rhapsody is headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Frankfurt, London, Luxemburg, New York and San Francisco. Rhapsody, and the Rhapsody logo are registered trademarks of Rhapsody International Inc.  Follow @Rhapsody on Twitter and keep up with the latest on the Rhapsody Facebook page.

Rhapsody Brings Music Discovery to Life with Latest Android App

SEATTLE—November 6, 2012—Subscription music services have never been sexier than Rhapsody’s new Android app. But don’t let the stunning visual interface fool you—this is an app that combines beauty and brains by surfacing personalized recommendations and suggests music based on time and day—a first among on-demand music services.

“It’s never been easier to discover the right song at the right moment,” said Paul Springer, senior vice president, worldwide product and design, Rhapsody.  “Our customers want their music within arms reach and the ability to download or play instantly with the push of a button. Our latest Android app delivers that experience and more.”

Rhapsody also announced the Beta launch of Rhapsody Replay. Replay is a new concierge feature that will appear on the home screen after learning your listening patterns. It provides personalized and easy access to familiar music based on the time and day.

“Our customers told us that in addition to discovering new music, they enjoy listening to familiar favorites,” observed Springer. “We also know that they listen to different music throughout the day—what they listen to on their motivating morning drive or run is not what they listen to while making dinner or relaxing in the evening. So, we built that intelligence into the app—which gets smarter the more you listen.”

In addition to Replay, the latest update includes a new home screen that showcases new releases as well as playlists and content curated by Rhapsody’s editorial staff. Fresh updates have been made to the player, which now includes full-screen album art and swipe-to-skip functionality, as well as quicker access to shuffle and repeat.  Under the hood is the fastest ever version of the Rhapsody Android experience, with easier access to radio and improved offline playback and downloads.  The app is available and free to download in all major Android app stores.

About Rhapsody

The Rhapsody® digital music service (www.rhapsody.com) gives subscribers unlimited on-demand access to more than 16 million songs, whether they’re listening on a PC, laptop, Internet connected home stereo or TV, MP3 player or mobile phone. Rhapsody allows subscribers to access their music through mobile phones from Verizon Wireless and MetroPCS, through Rhapsody applications on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and Android mobile platforms as well as through devices from Vizio, SanDisk, HP, Sonos and Philips.  Rhapsody is headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Frankfurt, London, Luxemburg, New York and San Francisco. Rhapsody, and the Rhapsody logo are registered trademarks of Rhapsody International Inc.  Follow @Rhapsody on Twitter and keep up with the latest on the Rhapsody Facebook page.

Lifestylers – Chris Cosentino on Top Chef Masters, Mountain Biking and Offal Cuisine

Fresh off his coronation as the winner of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, we chatted with culinary mastermind Chris Cosentino about the offal cuisine he’s known for, mountain biking and, of course, music. Chris was also kind enough to share his playlist with us, which you can check out here. Enjoy!

Q: Congrats on the Top Chef Masters win. What’s been the most rewarding part of the experience?

There are so many diverse aspects of Top Chef Masters that are rewarding but the thing that stands out the most is the ability to raise awareness and money for different charitable organizations.  It is incredible to know that the charity I chose to support, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research, will use this money to work to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. I am able to help people by cooking a meal– that is an incredibly powerful plate of food.

Q: Incanto, your SF restaurant, is know for its “Leg of Beast” and whole pig offerings. What album would pair with  that dining experience?

Music is a very personal thing so I’m sure that everyone would look at different criteria when pairing an album to a leg of beast or a whole pig.  Aside from it being a personal choice, I think it also depends on the mood of the event.  Personally, I would select “Paul’s Boutique” from the Beastie Boys.

Q: Outside of the kitchen, you’re a part-time professional endurance Mountain Biker. The phrase “single-gear mountain bike” makes our legs hurt, what about the sport appeals to you? 

What drew me to single speed mountain biking was the sheer strength and accountability that it demands.  Your performance falls entirely on you when you strip the bike of all its amenities.  In essence, win or lose, there is nothing to hide behind.  When you really take the time to analyze it, ultra endurance is very similar to cooking because it comes down to exerting energy, concentration and passion for long amounts of time.  It’s an amazing way to ride.  Due to an injury, I retired from bike racing 5 years ago but it’s still a great way for me to blow off steam.

Q: You’re kind of the contemporary God Father of offal cuisine. What took you down that path? What’s it like being the face of a movement?

I do not consider myself to be the God Father of anything.  I am truly very humbled by the rich history of foods of the past and it has been my goal to get people to go back to their roots in everyday meals.  It ultimately comes down to the basics of sustainability, resource preparation, and respect for the animal.  I am not a face of a movement, I am just reintroducing history one plate at a time.

Q: Your best pairing: Wine, Entree, Song

I really cannot pick just one!  Food and music are all about living in the moment and capturing the mood as it occurs.

Lifestylers: London Calling – 2012 Olympic Triathlete Gwen Jorgensen on Accounting, World Travel and Making a Splash

Editors note: this is the second in a two-part series interviewing US Olympic athletes on the eve of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London

When the starting gun goes off for the women’s Olympic Triathlon on August 8 in London’s Hyde Park, Gwen Jorgensen will be worlds away from her desk at Ernst & Young. An accountant by day, Jorgensen will be plying a different trade, representing the United States in what’s expected to be one of the London games’ most visible events.

The Wisconsin native was a relative unknown when she finished second at the World University Championships in 2010. Since then Jorgensen has been on quite a ride, ascending to the top of the triathlon world in two short years. We sat down with her on the eve of her first Olympic games to chat about her amazingly rapid rise, accounting and of course, music.

“Bursting onto the scene” is certainly a cliché in sports, but if anyone embodies that sentiment, it’s you. Describe what it’s like gearing up to compete in the Olympics only two years after your first major international competition.

It has been quite an experience.  I have been swimming and running since I was eight, so in that regard, I’ve been training my whole life.  Qualifying for the Olympics was a bit unexpected, and I wasn’t quite prepared for everything that came with qualifying.  You think all you have to do is race and train; however there is a lot more to competing.  I feel incredibly blessed to have support of family, friends and sponsors.  When you see a success story, you know that it is not just one person creating that success.  I have a God-given talent in running and have had incredible support in swimming and cycling. I could not have qualified without the support and help of my teammates, family, sponsors and friends.  They are the ones who made this possible!

What part of the Olympic experience are you most looking forward to?

I love competing and the Olympics are the highest level of our sport.  I am excited to race against the best in the world and look forward to giving back to all those who have helped me get here.

It’s certainly not uncommon for Olympic athletes to work professionally in other fields as they pursue amateur athletics, but we haven’t heard of many accountants! What was your boss at Ernst & Young’s reaction when you asked for time off to compete in the Olympics? Reactions from the co-workers?

Ernst & Young has been extremely supportive since day one.  I worked full-time for a year, and then asked to work part time to pursue my athletic career.  My boss, Mark Hellmer, was behind me from the beginning and encouraging me to pursue both.  After I qualified, the company gave me a leave of absence.  I feel fortunate to be employed by such an incredible company!  My coworkers were always supportive and flexible as they knew my competition and training schedule.  I miss them, however we are still in contact and talk frequently.

Accounting and triathlon would seem to be quite different, and yet you excel in both. Any connections between the two? 

Oh, yes! I think there are many connections.  In order to be successful in life there are a few things that you must embody – discipline, hard work, dedication and a bit of perfectionism (at least that’s what has helped me).  My parents have taught me to work hard in whatever I do and to always give everything whilst pursing my passions.  This lesson can take you far in life.

Triathlon has taken you all over the globe. What’s been your favorite stop so far?

I love to travel because I love meeting new people, experiencing a new culture and trying new foods.  I enjoyed Hungary because I loved the cheap, delicious food.

If my information is correct, you ran and swam collegiately for the University of Wisconsin, earning All-American honors in both track and cross-country. Pretty impressive stuff. Was triathlon a natural next step for you? 

I wasn’t going to get involved in triathlon until USAT came to me (through their college recruitment program) and gave me an offer I couldn’t turn down: try triathlon and if I don’t like it stop at any time….I fell in love and here I am today, extremely grateful for this opportunity.

Being a Badger, ‘Jump Around’ probably ranks high on your list of favorite jock jams. We have your playlist, but what song would most want to hear as you cross the finish line in London?

The National Anthem.  Being able to represent the USA at the Olympics is an incredible honor and I am both honored and excited to represent the United States of America in London.

We’re guessing music isn’t a part of your swim training but how about cycling and running?

Funny thing – I don’t own an iPod, so don’t list to music much while I work out–I find my training partners much too interesting! However, I do love music.  It can change a mood instantly, and the sort of creativity it takes to create is remarkable.  I started playing the violin at age five and it gave me an incredible appreciation for music/artistic creation. I don’t have TV or cable so I often use music as a way to relax when I’m at home.  My favorite thing is to chop vegetables and prep a meal while listening to my favorite tunes.

Thanks for taking the time.  There’ll definitely be a few Lienenkugels hoisted in your honor back home and we’ll be pulling for you as well!

Thank you for your time and your support.  I can’t thank my sponsors, family and friends enough.  If you would like to learn more about me, please follow me on twitter (@gwenjorgensen), facebook (fanpage: Gwen Jorgensen) or my website (www.gwenjorgensen.com). Thank you and God Bless.

To hear Gwen’s playlist, click here

Lifestylers: London Calling – 2012 US Olympic Marathoner Desiree Davila on Music, Whiskey and Motivation (Turns out They’re Not Mutually Exclusive)

Editor’s note: This is the first in a two-part series, interviewing US Olympic athletes on the eve of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

Marathoner Desiree Davila will be representing the Stars and Stripes at this summer’s Olympic Games In London. Last year she was steps away from winning the Boston Marathon. Her runner-up time of 2:22:38 is an American record on the Boston course and made her the third fastest American marathoner in history.

We chatted with Desiree as she prepares to depart on her Olympic quest in a wide ranging conversation that touched on music, motivation and the Olympic experience. Follow this medal contender’s journey to London on Twitter at Twitter.com/Des_Davila. You can also check out her playlist here. We can’t promise that listening to it will make you an Olympian, but it’s worth a shot.

First off, congrats! We’re excited to cheer you on in London. What part of the Olympic experience are you most excited about? 

I’m most excited about the competition, being in one of the strongest female marathon fields ever, and testing myself against the best.

We hear you’re a whisky connoisseur, favorite flavor? Neat, rocks or with water?

‘Connoisseur’ is probably giving me too much credit but I’m definitely an enthusiast. I’m a big fan of bourbon but I’m venturing into ryes and scotch. Generally I prefer it neat or straight up, but it really depends on the whiskey.


(Courtesy of Garmin)

You recently threw out the first pitch at a Detroit Tigers game, what was that like? 

That was an incredible experience and a huge honor to be invited by the Tigers organization. Honestly, I was pretty nervous about the whole thing, that’s a lot of people watching you throw a ball. I could have afforded to warm my arm up a bit more, but it was an alright pitch.

In endurance sports there are no shortcuts, where do you draw the strength it takes to be where you are today?

I enjoy the process, it is a lot of work, but it’s fun and exciting for me to challenge myself and find out how far I can push myself. If you really want to know how good you can be you have to put in the work everyday, you can’t cheat yourself, and that’s what gets me out the door each day.

When did you realize that you had it in you to be one of the best in the world, what did that realization feel like?

I can’t say I’ve ever had a light bulb moment where I felt like I could reach a certain level. Even now I take it day by day and focus on the little steps that will help me improve. How far it takes me is still to be determined.

Fast forward to London: You’re getting ready on the morning of the race, what are you listening to?

Muddy Waters – I’m Ready


(Courtesy of Garmin)

You’re on the 26th mile, what are you thinking about?

The last mile I’m trying to stay as composed and relaxed as possible while digging deeper and hurting more than ever before.

If you could hear one song over the loudspeakers during that last mile and half, what would it be?

For the last 1.5 of a marathon I’d pick, Bush – MachineHead. The very centering lyric, “Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out,” with the aggressive opening riff – perfection!

What role does music play in your training? In your life? 

While I don’t listen to music during training, I do use it to set the tone before a workout or race, whether it’s getting fired up or playing something soothing to keep me relaxed. Outside of running I’ll put on some tunes before turning on the TV any day. I’m always looking for new bands and sounds.

What’s your favorite running route?

A Southern California route from my childhood – Torrey Pines Beach out to Swamis and back, you run on dirt roads along the coast the entire way; tough to beat.

What’s your routine like the night before a big race? Favorite pre-race meal?


(Courtesy of Garmin)

I keep it pretty simple: write out a race plan, set out everything I’ll need for race day, and kick my feet up and relax. I usually have some type of pasta before the race, the big thing is nothing new before race day.

Any advice for people just getting into the sport?

Be patient, results don’t come overnight. Keep putting in the work and enjoy the process.

To view/listen to Desiree’s playlist, click here

Rhapsody Creates Dreamy Pop Oasis at Havana with Intimate Performances by Father John Misty, Crystal Stilts, White Arrows, Ava Luna, Porcelain Raft, King Tuff and John Maus During Capitol Hill Block Party

SEATTLE—July 17, 2012—Revelers at this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party will find respite from the sun and crowds at the Havana Rhapsody Oasis Stage at Havana Social Club, which will feature dreamy pop performances by favorites of Rhapsody’s editorial team—and a full bar.

The performances, including Father John Misty, White Arrows, Ava Luna, Porcelain Raft, King Tuff and John Maus, will take place throughout the festival, and kicks off Friday at 6:00 p.m. with critical and local favorite Father John Misty.

The Havana Rhapsody Oasis opens daily at 3:00 p.m. and is located in the middle of the Block Party, at 1010 East Pike Street, just off Broadway. The schedule is still developing, but a partial listing of performances follows:

Friday, 6:00  p.m.: Father John Misty
Friday, 7:00 p.m.: Crystal Stilts
Saturday, 4:30 p.m.: White Arrows
Saturday, 6:00 p.m.: Ava Luna
Saturday, 7:00 p.m.: Porcelain Raft
Sunday, 4:00 p.m.: King Tuff
Sunday, 5:00 p.m.: John Maus

Stay tuned for additional performances at www.capitolhillblockparty.com and by following @rhapsody and @havanasocial on twitter, as well as on Rhapsody’s Facebook page.

About Rhapsody

The Rhapsody® digital music service (www.rhapsody.com) gives subscribers unlimited on-demand access to more than 16 million songs, whether they’re listening on a PC, laptop, Internet connected home stereo or TV, MP3 player or mobile phone. Rhapsody allows subscribers to access their music through more touch-points than any other digital music service, including mobile phones from Verizon Wireless and MetroPCS, through Rhapsody applications on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and Android mobile platforms as well as through devices from Vizio, SanDisk, HP, Sonos and Philips.  Rhapsody is headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Frankfurt, London, Luxemburg, New York and San Francisco. Rhapsody, and the Rhapsody logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Rhapsody International Inc.  Follow @Rhapsody on Twitter and keep up with the latest on the Rhapsody Facebook page.