Jon Irwin Guest Posts on WSJ Accelerators Blog

acceleratorsRhapsody’s president was asked to be a guest mentor on Accelerators,  the Wall Street Journal’s blog for entrepreneurs, where he talks about tearing down paywalls to get consumers to love your app enough to pay for it. Instead of annoying customers just enough to make them pay, he advocates for delivering real value every step of the way–and building bridges to premium content.

Read the post here.

SongMatch Gets a Widget and Goes Social

songmatch widget
People love SongMatch–especially how integrated the app is with their Rhapsody account. Today we are very happy to announce that SongMatch just got better with our newest release, which features a widget and the ability to share any song you match with your friends!

It can be incredibly annoying when you try and record a match just as the song is ending. You whip out the phone, look for the app, open it up and only then can you start to record. This takes far too long so we wanted to make it quicker and easier for our users to start matching. With our new widget, you can match songs with one click directly from the home screen.

Social Sharing
What’s better than finding a new song you love? Being able to share that song with all of your friends! SongMatch now allows you to share any song you match via whichever application you prefer. Facebook, Twitter, email, text…. Spread the SongMatch love around!

As always, we love to hear your questions, comments or feedback. Please take a moment to take our SongMatch survey. And go get the app!

Kevin Coleman
Product Manager