SongMatch Gets a Widget and Goes Social

songmatch widget
People love SongMatch–especially how integrated the app is with their Rhapsody account. Today we are very happy to announce that SongMatch just got better with our newest release, which features a widget and the ability to share any song you match with your friends!

It can be incredibly annoying when you try and record a match just as the song is ending. You whip out the phone, look for the app, open it up and only then can you start to record. This takes far too long so we wanted to make it quicker and easier for our users to start matching. With our new widget, you can match songs with one click directly from the home screen.

Social Sharing
What’s better than finding a new song you love? Being able to share that song with all of your friends! SongMatch now allows you to share any song you match via whichever application you prefer. Facebook, Twitter, email, text…. Spread the SongMatch love around!

As always, we love to hear your questions, comments or feedback. Please take a moment to take our SongMatch survey. And go get the app!

Kevin Coleman
Product Manager

Tips and Tricks – Have You Tried Rhapsody SongMatch?

We’ve all been there: You’re in a bar or driving down the highway. A song comes on that you absolutely love, but have no idea what it is. What do you do? Yes, there are “apps for that,” but do they allow you to hear the song in its entirety? Do they allow you to save it instantly to a playlist? Add it to your library? Do they provide you with loads of contextual info about the song so you can become an instant expert? Well guess what, there’s an app for that, and we built it! You’ve got to try Rhapsody SongMatch.

With Rhapsody SongMatch, we were able to marry on-demand music with song identification technology in one awesome app. What does this mean for you? We built the app on top of our on demand catalog so you can immediately start playing any song (or album) you match.

The app automatically stores all of your matches to a playlist in your Rhapsody account, meaning you can access the playlist anywhere and anytime you use Rhapsody.

You can swipe to explore information about every artist you match, including top tracks,


biographies and

similar artists!

Even cooler? You can do all of this without ever seeing an ad!

Best of all, the app is free for anyone to download and use. Only our members enjoy premium functionality (immediate playback, saving matches to a playlist) but anyone can use the app to match songs and discover info about artists. We also made it incredibly easy for anyone to sign up for a free Rhapsody trial from within the app so they can enjoy the full Rhapsody experience.

Right now the app is only available for Android phones but don’t worry iPhone users, an iOS version is in the works.

We’d also love to hear from you. In the settings tab you can find a link to a survey. Please take the survey and share your thoughts!

Stay tuned for more exciting products and features rolling out over the coming months!

Kevin Coleman
Product Manager

Getting Around Our New Android App!

Well hello again!
The Rhapsody Android team has just released our 3.1 update to bring you a plate full of UI awesomeness. Let’s have a look at what we did…
What’s New
Exactly! You will notice a new set of swipe-able screens now that highlight new features and functionality on larger updates. Update the app and check it out!
Getting Around
We’ve streamlined our navigation by adding both an Action Bar and Drawer Navigation that provides for quick and easy navigation to the primary areas of the app from anywhere within the app with one tap of the Rhapsody icon in the Action Bar.
Welcome Home, We’ve Got What You Want
We built a brand new home screen for you that puts some pretty cool stuff right up front for you:
  • Rhapsody Replay :: New feature that provides you your music right when you want it based on your music activity (example; we’ll surface your workout playlists when you workout, your dinner music when you eat dinner, etc)
  • Albums for You :: Personalized album recommendations based on the music you listen to
  • Featured Albums :: Featured albums from Rhapsody’s world class editorial staff
Active and Pending Downloads
We added a new screen so you can manage all of your active and pending downloads in one handy place.
New Player Look and Feel
You may remember from last time I mentioned we were doing a full rewrite of our player. The first piece we finished is a new UI. You’ve asked for larger album art in the Now Playing screen, so you got it! We also moved the shuffle and repeat controls to be in the same screen so you no longer have to go into Settings to change it. Your queue is now easily accessible via the menu icon on the left of the player control bar. Load up an album or playlist, and swipe to go to the next or previous track. Pretty sweet, eh?
Saying Goodbye
Support for Android 1.6 has come to an end. Users on 1.6 will still be able to download the 3.0 release, but no new updates other than critical patches will be made to support that OS version.
What’s Next?
We’re shooting for at least two more releases before the end of the year, and we have a lot of stuff to bring you. Enjoy and thanks!
Chief Android Mechanic signing off,

A New Feature Bound to be a Favorite

Greetings!  My name is Scott Moore, and I’m the product owner for Rhapsody web and desktop clients.  Yesterday we released a great new feature on called Favorites: you’ll notice a brand new heart icon appears in the player whenever you play or queue tracks on the web.  Clicking the heart icon for a track saves that track to your Favorites, which you can find on your profile.  It’s a quick and simple way to collect great music as you listen to it, without having to create and name your own separate playlist.

We’re testing this feature on to see what you think, and in the coming weeks, you may see us testing this feature within our mobile clients as well.  We’ll be studying how Favorites gets used, with an eye on improving it and expanding it.  We’re also interested in your feedback, which you can provide via this survey:

The team is always busy and you can expect more exciting features to roll out on the web in the weeks to come.

Rhapsody Editors Honor Halloween with Rock’s Scariest Stories

The Beach Boys and Charles Manson, the Rolling Stones and the Occult, Black Widow and the founding of Satanic Rock

SAN FRANCISCO—October 25, 2010—Revelers seeking a macabre thrill this Halloween need look no further than the hallowed halls of Rock ‘n Roll history.  Gather ‘round as Rhapsody®’s music critics spin devilish tunes and frightening stories of murder, mayhem, mind control and devil worship.

Charles Manson: Murder, Mayhem, The Beach Boys, Neil Young and the Mamas and the Papas
Perhaps the most notorious bogeyman in modern American history is Charles Manson. The serial killer, who was said to have the ability to control minds, had ties to some of the most famous rockers of the 60’s: The Beach Boys, the Mamas and the Papas and Neil Young.  Both Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys and Neil Young supported Manson before his murder spree—Wilson and his band even recorded a Manson song—while Young promoted him to an executive at Reprise, his label.  John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas was the first to be approached to record Manson, a gig he refused. Phillips was connected to Manson again, as an early suspect in the infamous Tate murders carried out by the Manson Family.

“With so many L.A. musicians tripping the light fantastic and rock music going psychedelic it was not always easy to tell if the bearded guy next to you was an ‘eccentric’ struggling musician or a dangerously insane psychopath with a God complex,” observed Nick Dedina, senior producer/editor and head of radio programming, Rhapsody. “The Manson murders changed the L.A. music scene forever; things would never be as free or easy again.”

The Rolling Stones Serve Their Satanic Majesties’ Request
The Rolling Stones’ dabbling in the dark arts did not stop with releases such as “Their Satanic Majesties Request” and “Sympathy for the Devil.”  Frontman Mick Jagger scored a film called “Invocation of My Demon Brother,” starring Bobby Beausoleil–one of the Manson Family killers. Meanwhile, bandmates Brian Jones, Keith Richards and Jagger were all involved with Anita Pallenberg, an occultist model/actress/scenester who was known to cast spells and perform animal sacrifices. The band was also connected to the Process Church of the Final Liberation, a cult that originated on Haight Street and was devoted to worshiping Jesus and Satan equally.

Black Widow’s On-Stage Sacrifices and Satanic Doctrine Take Rock to the Dark Side
The Stones may have paved the road for Black Widow, the first Satanic Rock band.  With on-stage sacrifices, incantations to Hell’s crown prince and performances of songs such as “Conjuration” and “Come to the Demon,” Black Widow, a prog rock group from Leicester, England, compelled priests to wave Bibles and crucifixes at shows.  Known to consult Wiccan high priests on doctrine and ceremony, Black Widow choreographed demonic stage rituals and penned lyrics laced with black magic. While these efforts only produced one minor hit in the UK, the dark influence of Black Widow continues to be felt throughout the decades.

“Rock and roll’s flirtations with black magic, the Occult and Satanism didn’t die when the 1970s gave way to the ’80s,” observed Justin Farrar, rock editor, Rhapsody. “In the modern age bands and artists of various stripes, from Venom and Cradle of Filth to Salem and SUNN 0))), continue to explore the dark arts.”

Rhapsody editors have programmed an extensive bag of musical Halloween tricks and treats on, including playlists such as: Classic Halloween Jams, Rock’s Scariest Tunes, Modern Vampire Anthems, a Witchhouse playlist and Halloween Radio; alongside editorial offerings including two Shock Rock Album Guides and even more of Rock’s Scariest Stories. It’s all available at Rhapsody’s Halloween Hub at Editorial content is always free, and those who knock on Rhapsody’s door are treated with a free 14-day trial of the Rhapsody service.

Rhapsody subscribers have access to a library of 10.5 million tracks from the PC, mobile device, TV and connected home audio systems, as well as music editorial and programming from some of the most renowned music writers anywhere, for $9.99 per month–less than the cost of one CD. Visit for more information.