Rocking While Rolling: Rhapsody Coming to BMW Apps

Today, Rhapsody and BMW are announcing a partnership that will pair the premium on-demand music service with one of the world’s premium automotive brands. Rhapsody will soon be available on BMW apps.

BMW Apps Rhapsody

 The Rhapsody iPhone app will be fully integrated into the BMW Apps system, meaning users will be able to not only use the vehicle controls to find and listen to their favorite tracks, but also navigate Rhapsody’s music discovery tools, which have been adapted for an in-car experience that’s safe, useful and engaging.

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The Hush Sound Debuts Scavengers on Rhapsody!

First-Listen-HushSoundThe Hush Sound have been quiet for the past five years. Finally, their silence has been broken, and those delicious poppy tunes we love are back. Rhapsody is lucky enough to debut “Scavengers” today, excessively to Rhapsody listeners.

We love the new tune and are excited to hear the rest of the tracks from the album, which the band is releasing one at a time. The band is getting ready to hit the road–tour dates follow.

The Hush Sound tour 2013

May 14—Webster Hall—New York, New York
May 15—Theatre Of The Living Arts—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 16—Royale—Boston, Massachusetts
May 17—9:30 Club—Washington, DC
May 18—Amos Southend—Charlotte, North Carolina
May 19—The Loft—Atlanta, Georgia
May 21—The Social—Orlando, Florida
May 22—Culture Room—Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
May 23—The State Theatre—St. Petersburg, Florida
May 25—Trees—Dallas, Texas
May 26—Fitzgerald’s—Houston, Texas
May 27—The Parish—Austin, Texas
May 29—Firebird—St. Louis, Missouri
May 30—Blue Note—Columbia, Missouri
June 1—Mill City Nights—Minneapolis, Minnesota
June 2—The Rave—Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 4—Metro—Chicago, Illinois
June 5—A&R Music Bar—Columbus, Ohio
June 6—Altar Bar—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 8—Grog Shop—Cleveland, Ohio

Rhapsody Set to Rock Austin with Performances from the Walkmen, Foxygen, inc., In the Valley Below, NOBUNNY and DJ sets by True Panther

Rhapsody today announced the lineup for its Rhapsody Rocks Austin (RRA) unofficial SXSW day party, with live sets from some of this year’s most talked-about artists. The Walkmen, making their only appearance during SXSW week, will headline fresh off a North American tour that made them one of the most talked about acts of the last year. Rhapsody will rock Austin at the Club DeVille on March 15—doors open at noon.

RRAThe Walkmen are joined in the RRA lineup by Foxygen, the LA-bred song writing duo of Sam France and Jonathan Rado, who create a sometimes impressionistic, sometimes-hyper-real portrait of sounds from specific places and times that never comes across as anything but absolutely modern. Their albums have accurately been described as “Love letters to vinyl collections.” Rhapsody Rocks Austin will also feature inc., In The Valley Below, NOBUNNY, and DJ sets by True Panther.

“Seven albums in, the Walkmen are among the elder statesmen of indie rock,” said Garrett Kamps, senior director, content programming, Rhapsody.  “We fully expect them to show these young whipper-snappers how its done, which will be no small feat as our line-up of whipper-snappers rules: Foxygen, inc., In the Valley Below, NOBUNNY, DJ True Panther — I just grew chest hair saying all those band names one after the other.”

 Rhapsody Rocks Austin

Who: The Walkmen, Foxygen, inc., In The Valley Below, NOBUNNY, plus DJ sets by DJ True Panther

What: Rhapsody Rocks Austin 2013

Where: @ Club Deville, 900 Red River, Austin

When: Doors at12:00 noon.

How: Event is free, but you need to RSVP here. Check out Rhapsody’s facebook page and @Rhapsody on Twitter for details

It’s All About the Music (and the Money)

Separate from the concert event, Rhapsody will also be hosting a panel on a topic near and dear to many SXSW attendees and performers – streaming music and artist reimbursement. Titled ‘Streaming Music: A River of Cash or up the Creek,’ the panel will bring together perspectives from all sides of the issue to examine what roles streaming music services can play for artists today and in the future. Additional information about the panel available here, but make plans to be at the Austin Convention Center, room 18d at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 15. It promises to be an honest and sober(ish) discussion on a very important topic.

Panel- Streaming Music: A River of Cash or up the Creek

Who: Simon Wheeler, Dir. of Digital, Beggars Group

Richard Jones, Owner, Key Music Management Ltd.

Jon Maples, product and design, Rhapsody

Emily White, Co-Founder, Whitesmith Entertainment/ Readymade Records

What: Panel discussion examining the value to be derived from streaming music services

Where: Austin Convention Center, room 18D (500 E Cesar Chavez St)

When: 5:00 – 6:00pm Friday, March 15

How: Credentials with access: music badge, platinum badge, artist wristband

Rhapsody’s Windows Phone app gets an offline facelift…and more!


Windows phone owners rejoice!  We’ve been working on some improvements and added features to give you an even better music experience while you’re on the go. If you have a Windows phone download the app (or update) today.

Offline Playback

Taking your music with you got a whole lot easier.  Now you can download albums, songs and playlists to your phone and listen even when you don’t have a connection. Your next commute, plane trip or subway ride just got a bit more melodic.

Music Library

We revamped your music library (My Music) so you can easily add or remove tracks and albums, and even add music while it’s playing. You’ll find the same collection of music in your library whether you are accessing on the web, on a home audio device or your Windows phone.


We also added in better functionality to genres, so you can explore those in depth with stations, new releases and top tracks.

Plus there are some behind the scenes improvements you may notice with search, enhanced visual display of Rhapsody radio stations and more album images.

We also want to thank all our beta testers who provided some fantastic feedback while playing with the new app. They were excited and impressed, so we hope you are too.

Rhapsody 4.0 for Android, it’s alive!

Chief Android Mechanic

Chief Android Mechanic

What’s up to our Rhapsody Android fans!

It’s a new year (fine, yes, it’s February) and what better way to kick it off than by announcing the 4.0 release of our Rhapsody Android app! This release is killer, featuring complete rewrites of our player, queue, Bluetooth handling and audio focus, a new screen for artist tracks in your library, queue reorder, playlist editing, and WOW we’re so ready for you to have it. I can’t even tell you how stoked we are to put this in your hands. Really. So much of what we’re pushing out today is all about your requests. Let’s do this…


Order! Order please!

In the 3.0 release we removed the ability to reorder your queue. Honestly, it was so clunky, tedious, and painful to use we thought nobody would suffer through it. Well, we were mistaken. We heard from many of you that you really wanted this functionality back. But we couldn’t just put it back the way it was, no way. We had to do better – so we rewrote it. Today you can now edit your queue with a great drag and drop interface. By the way, we enabled this for your playlists, too. From the queue you can either tap your hardware menu button (or if you’re on a newer device, the overflow menu in the Action Bar – that’s the three dots on the right side at the top of the screen) and choose “Edit queue.” On a playlist just tap the plus button and choose “Edit playlist.” Enjoy!

Queue it up
Since we rewrote the queue, we took more of your feedback to heart and we also removed the queue limit, something more than a couple of you found frustrating. You’re no longer capped to 800 songs in your queue at a time.

Lock it up
Carrying on with the theme of customer feature requests, another feature you’ve been asking for is lock screen controls. If you’re on Android 4.0 or greater, you’ve got ’em, even if your OS is skinned, i.e. HTC Sense, Motoblur, Samsung Touchwiz, and so on.

Play nice
Often times, the best improvements are the ones you don’t notice, and we’d really just like you to enjoy your playback experience. It wasn’t easy to hear, but we know that playback wasn’t always awesome for some customers. We’ve made changes along the way and things got better for a lot of folks, but some issues just persisted. We knew it was time to address this because you can’t rock if it doesn’t roll.

We’re so excited to announce that we have completely rewritten our player from the back to the front. It’s kind of funny, this is the biggest thing we’ve done in this release but it can be summed up as “playback just works.” With Rhapsody 4.0 you should now experience less delay starting playback, drastically fewer stalls and skips, and in general it is just way more stable.

Speaking of playing music, don’t forget that Rhapsody also integrates with Ford Sync so you can have your music at your fingertips in your car!

Some things you may have missed from our last few 3.x releases…
– Swipe in Now Playing to go to the next or previous track
– Shuffle and Repeat, up front and center on Now Playing (moved from Settings)
– Replay: what you listened to when you listened to it

Over the next couple of releases we’ll bring you:
– Killer music articles written by our editorial team
– Performance improvements to the rest of the app
– UI refresh
– More customer feature requests
– Surprises 🙂

Beta programs
This year our goal is to run beta releases as often as we can to get new features out in the field before a general public release. If you want early access to the newest features, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Get Satisfaction and keep an eye out for calls for beta testers.

And speaking of betas…

Shout outs
My team and I want to extend our gratitude to the 100+ customers who participated in our open beta of the 4.0 release. Over 4 weeks you tested, used, abused, poked, prodded, stressed, and blended* not one but two drops from us. You sent us feedback, bug reports, and of course, even more feature requests** and put up with a lot of back and forth with us as we worked through it all. For this, we thank you.

*=ok, maybe not blended.
**=we’ll get to them!

We want to hear from you!
If you experience problems, let us know. Go to Settings in the Rhapsody app and tap on the feedback link. You’ll be able to send us email directly. Yes, us, the Android Team. If you’re reporting a problem, the more information you can provide, the better.

If you’re feeling social, you can follow me on G+ or Twitter and I’ll post updates and info as frequently as I can.

Rock on,

Chief Android Mechanic

SongMatch Gets a Widget and Goes Social

songmatch widget
People love SongMatch–especially how integrated the app is with their Rhapsody account. Today we are very happy to announce that SongMatch just got better with our newest release, which features a widget and the ability to share any song you match with your friends!

It can be incredibly annoying when you try and record a match just as the song is ending. You whip out the phone, look for the app, open it up and only then can you start to record. This takes far too long so we wanted to make it quicker and easier for our users to start matching. With our new widget, you can match songs with one click directly from the home screen.

Social Sharing
What’s better than finding a new song you love? Being able to share that song with all of your friends! SongMatch now allows you to share any song you match via whichever application you prefer. Facebook, Twitter, email, text…. Spread the SongMatch love around!

As always, we love to hear your questions, comments or feedback. Please take a moment to take our SongMatch survey. And go get the app!

Kevin Coleman
Product Manager

Rhapsody and MetroPCS Offer Best Unlimited On-Demand Mobile Music Deal Anywhere

metro-pcs3More than16 million songs and original editorial content available to MetroPCS customers at lowest cost

SEATTLE—January 17, 2013— Rhapsody introduced a new mobile music offer with MetroPCS that will help millions of consumers make good on their resolutions to spend less by offering the best value for unlimited on-demand mobile music bundle anywhere.

“We recognize that music is an important aspect of many of consumers’ lives and we are committed to providing services that enhance our customers’ mobile experiences at a price they can afford,” said Phil Terry, senior vice president, corporate marketing, MetroPCS. “We’ve seen great success with our Rhapsody Unlimited offer and now that we have the best value in town for unlimited, on-demand mobile music, we expect even greater success for MetroPCS.”

Available now, MetroPCS customers can add Rhapsody for $5 to its newly simplified $40, $50 and $60 monthly smartphone plans.

“We are thrilled to work with MetroPCS to bring on-demand music to the consumer with these amazing plans,” said Jon Irwin, president, Rhapsody. “The future of digital music is the mobile phone, whether it’s in your pocket, in your car or connected to an in-home audio system, and our future will be built on partnerships with service providers like MetroPCS, who can bring Rhapsody to a broader audience through compelling offers like this one.”

Rhapsody works closely with MetroPCS to tailor its service to MetroPCS subscribers by offering customized programming and editorial content that is updated regularly, a strategy that has been elemental to the success of the offer.

Rhapsody has seen significant growth in mobile with 56 percent of all listening coming from mobile phones, up from 27 percent in 2011. Rhapsody’s Irwin predicts the trend will only accelerate.

“This partnership is going to be instrumental in the growth of the on-demand streaming music business,” said Irwin. “This offer brings value to the customer, without compromising how artists and rights holders are compensated, which is a key tenet in how we do business. We’re eager to continue to bring new offers to customers that benefit all parts of the digital music value chain.”

About Rhapsody

The Rhapsody® digital music service ( gives subscribers unlimited on-demand access to more than 16 million songs, whether they’re listening on a PC, laptop, Internet connected home stereo or TV, MP3 player or mobile phone. Rhapsody allows subscribers to access their music through mobile phones from Verizon Wireless, AT&T and MetroPCS, through Rhapsody applications on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, RIM BlackBerry, Windows and Android mobile platforms as well as through devices from Vizio, SanDisk, HP, Sonos and Philips.  Rhapsody is headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Frankfurt, London, Luxemburg, New York and San Francisco. Rhapsody, and the Rhapsody logo are registered trademarks of Rhapsody International Inc.  Follow @Rhapsody on Twitter and keep up with the latest on the Rhapsody Facebook page.

Stream Rhapsody on your Roku


Rhapsody is announcing today that it will soon be available on Roku. The leading premium on-demand music service has teamed with the market leader in streaming entertainment devices for the TV. The result? Naturally, it rocks.

Roku is the latest device in the living room to receive Rhapsody connectivity. In the last several months, Rhapsody has also added Xbox and most major SmartTV manufacturers.

Like all Rhapsody platforms, the Roku channel will allow users to lean forward, accessing Rhapsody’s entire catalogue of more than 16 million songs, to search for and play songs, albums and artists. Or lean back, enjoying playlists and preprogrammed genre and artist radio stations.

Rhapsody Hits the Road with Ford SYNC AppLink

Rhapsody and Ford today announce at International CES that the leading premium on-demand music service is now available in Ford and Lincoln vehicles with SYNC® AppLink. Rhapsody listeners with SYNC-enabled cars and trucks can use voice commands and radio buttons on the steering wheel to control the Rhapsody app on their smartphones, making it safe and easy to rock out on the road.

ImageThis marks Rhapsody’s first full automotive integration, and a major step forward in the company’s strategy to bring the popular service to the places where listeners spend the most time playing music: in the car and in the living room.

“Everybody loves to listen to music in the car, so making it as convenient as possible for people to enjoy Rhapsody while driving has been a high priority for us,” said Jon Irwin, president, Rhapsody. “We were pleased to work with Ford on this innovative integration. Now our customers have their favorite music within arm’s reach in their cars.”

Rhapsody members are increasingly taking their music on the road. In a recent survey of more than 1,000 Rhapsody members, 40 percent said they listened to Rhapsody in the car, more than any other form of audio entertainment (only 13 percent listen to the radio).

How Rhapsody members use audio entertainment in the car
Streaming Rhapsody (via mobile device) 40%
Playlists (downloaded from Rhapsody or on phone or MP3 player) 22%
Radio 13%
Podcasts 9%
Audiobooks 6%
Source: Survey of Rhapsody members, n=1,396

Actual behavioral data from Rhapsody’s 1 million-plus base shine more light on members’ mobile inclinations. Fifty-one percent of all tracks played on the service this past year were from a mobile device, up from 27 percent in 2011. In addition, 56 percent of Rhapsody members listen on a mobile device, up from 38 percent the year prior, with 42 percent of all members using mobile exclusively for the service.


The beauty of SYNC AppLink is that it works seamlessly with the Rhapsody smartphone app. When Rhapsody is launched on a smartphone while in a SYNC-enabled car, it will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth® to the vehicle’s audio system for hands-free listening.

SYNC AppLink is available on more than 1 million vehicles; it is available on 2013 Fiesta, Mustang, Expedition, Fusion, F-150, Super Duty, Focus, E-Series and C-MAX.

About Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 172,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, please visit

About Rhapsody
The Rhapsody® digital music service ( gives subscribers unlimited on-demand access to more than 16 million songs, whether they’re listening on a PC, laptop, Internet connected home stereo or TV, MP3 player or mobile phone. Rhapsody allows subscribers to access their music through mobile phones from Verizon Wireless, AT&T and MetroPCS, through Rhapsody applications on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and Android mobile platforms as well as through devices from Vizio, SanDisk, HP, Sonos and Philips. Rhapsody is headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Frankfurt,London, Luxemburg, New York and San Francisco. Rhapsody, and the Rhapsody logo are registered trademarks of Rhapsody International Inc. Follow @Rhapsody on Twitter and keep up with the latest on the Rhapsody Facebook page.


Tips and Tricks – Have You Tried Rhapsody SongMatch?

We’ve all been there: You’re in a bar or driving down the highway. A song comes on that you absolutely love, but have no idea what it is. What do you do? Yes, there are “apps for that,” but do they allow you to hear the song in its entirety? Do they allow you to save it instantly to a playlist? Add it to your library? Do they provide you with loads of contextual info about the song so you can become an instant expert? Well guess what, there’s an app for that, and we built it! You’ve got to try Rhapsody SongMatch.

With Rhapsody SongMatch, we were able to marry on-demand music with song identification technology in one awesome app. What does this mean for you? We built the app on top of our on demand catalog so you can immediately start playing any song (or album) you match.

The app automatically stores all of your matches to a playlist in your Rhapsody account, meaning you can access the playlist anywhere and anytime you use Rhapsody.

You can swipe to explore information about every artist you match, including top tracks,


biographies and

similar artists!

Even cooler? You can do all of this without ever seeing an ad!

Best of all, the app is free for anyone to download and use. Only our members enjoy premium functionality (immediate playback, saving matches to a playlist) but anyone can use the app to match songs and discover info about artists. We also made it incredibly easy for anyone to sign up for a free Rhapsody trial from within the app so they can enjoy the full Rhapsody experience.

Right now the app is only available for Android phones but don’t worry iPhone users, an iOS version is in the works.

We’d also love to hear from you. In the settings tab you can find a link to a survey. Please take the survey and share your thoughts!

Stay tuned for more exciting products and features rolling out over the coming months!

Kevin Coleman
Product Manager