Getting Around Our New Android App!

Well hello again!
The Rhapsody Android team has just released our 3.1 update to bring you a plate full of UI awesomeness. Let’s have a look at what we did…
What’s New
Exactly! You will notice a new set of swipe-able screens now that highlight new features and functionality on larger updates. Update the app and check it out!
Getting Around
We’ve streamlined our navigation by adding both an Action Bar and Drawer Navigation that provides for quick and easy navigation to the primary areas of the app from anywhere within the app with one tap of the Rhapsody icon in the Action Bar.
Welcome Home, We’ve Got What You Want
We built a brand new home screen for you that puts some pretty cool stuff right up front for you:
  • Rhapsody Replay :: New feature that provides you your music right when you want it based on your music activity (example; we’ll surface your workout playlists when you workout, your dinner music when you eat dinner, etc)
  • Albums for You :: Personalized album recommendations based on the music you listen to
  • Featured Albums :: Featured albums from Rhapsody’s world class editorial staff
Active and Pending Downloads
We added a new screen so you can manage all of your active and pending downloads in one handy place.
New Player Look and Feel
You may remember from last time I mentioned we were doing a full rewrite of our player. The first piece we finished is a new UI. You’ve asked for larger album art in the Now Playing screen, so you got it! We also moved the shuffle and repeat controls to be in the same screen so you no longer have to go into Settings to change it. Your queue is now easily accessible via the menu icon on the left of the player control bar. Load up an album or playlist, and swipe to go to the next or previous track. Pretty sweet, eh?
Saying Goodbye
Support for Android 1.6 has come to an end. Users on 1.6 will still be able to download the 3.0 release, but no new updates other than critical patches will be made to support that OS version.
What’s Next?
We’re shooting for at least two more releases before the end of the year, and we have a lot of stuff to bring you. Enjoy and thanks!
Chief Android Mechanic signing off,